Mechanical Engineering

Mechanical Engineering Services

    Mechanical architecture design
    Plastic parts design
    Metal parts design
    Ruggedized design
    Thermal, Acoustic, Waterproof analysis and design
    Design for manufacturing (DFM) and tooling preparation
    Testing and verification

Mechanical Engineering Services

Mechanical Engineering Services?v=2

Product Architeture Phase

Our mechanical engineering phase starts by reviewing the product requirements and the initial ID concept. The products purpose, functionality and usability plays a key role on how our team designs parts as well as selecting the right components to achieve the desired result.

Engagement with key component suppliers starts early on in the development process to confirm feasability and function. We explore different component layouts and build various CAD models to evalaute the design build.

Detail Design / Functional Prototype

At this stage our mechanical engineers start building detailed design parts with the intention to verify the products functionality and assembly.

We do quick verifications with 3D printed parts to check structure, PCBA fit, wiring or other component placements. Once we feel comfortable with the overall design we begin building functional prototypes for internal testing as well as for beta user testing. Parts are sourced from different suppliers and all prototypes are assembled in-house to protect our clients IP.


In this last stage we handover to our manufacturing engineers and release all files for tooling. Our engineers and project managers work closely with all of our suppliers to minimize delays and resolve issues that come along the way. At this stage we also prepare and plan packaging and shipping options.

We are always open to discussing new projects, creative ideas or opportunities to be part of your vision.