Electrical Engineering

Electrical Engineering Services

    Electrical architecture design
    Battery charging design
    Wireless design (Bluetooth, Wifi, RF, 4G)
    MCU, IC, ARM integration circuit design
    Digital and analog circuit design
    Circuit schematic and Gerber design
    EMI / EMC solution
    Sensor / Motor / speaker / optics module integration
    Testing and verification

Electrical Engineering Product Development Process

Electrical Engineering Product Development Process?v=2

Proof of Concept / Architecture Phase

Together with our clients we review the product requirements, lock down key features and proceed to define the system architecture. By using off-shelf boards or developer kits such as Arduino or Rasberry Pie we can validate and confirm the design.

During this stage we also make block diagrams, power estimations, EOL analysis as well as rough cost and schedule estimations.

PCB Design

Once we confirm the proof of concept and system architecture we kick-off with the PCB design. Our EE team works closely with members of our mechanical engineering team to ensure we can fit the PCBA into the desired design provided by the ID team.

When our design is completed we will start with a small batch fabrication of PCBA’s. We then load firmware and assemble the board into it’s enclosre and start testing functionality. At this stage we also start with pre-compliance testing.

SMT / Mass Production

After we’ve concluded all testing we will slowly ramp up production into higher volumes.

During this process our team engages intensively on-site with our suppliers to ensure a successful outcome.

We are always open to discussing new projects, creative ideas or opportunities to be part of your vision.